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—•Truth needs meditative eyes•—


If you don’t have meditative eyes then the whole life  is just dull dead facts,unrelated to each other, accidental, meaningless
— a jumble—just a chance phenomenon.

If you see the truth, everything falls into line——everything falls together in a harmony;everything starts having significance….

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Zen Saying is…


“The foolish reject what they see. The wise reject what they think.”

~ Zen Proverb

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OSHO sharing on Zen,Tao,Yoga,Sufis,Hasidism and illuminating our lives through answering the questions which arise in with his eternal presence now and here. Enjoy 😊



Life is a verb. Life is not a noun.


It is really living not life.
It is not love;it is loving.
It is not relationship;it is relating.
It is not a song;it is singing.
It is not a dance;it is dancing.

See the difference,savor the difference.

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